Our running objectives

We all enjoy running for a variety of reasons.   As a way to get or keep fit, for competition, or just for fun. Fittleworth Flyers welcomes runners of all abilities, and whatever their reason for running.

We aim to provide enjoyable sessions to improve fitness and performance for everyone. Sessions are sometimes planned, but everyone takes part at their own pace and level.

We encourage the use of individual exercise zones, so each person runs at a level which helps them to improve, but which is also achievable and satisfying. Experienced club members are always present and they will help you get the most from your running.

There are two club sessions each week, on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. As you would expect with Fittleworth Flyers, running is always a sociable occasion!

Tuesday evenings (from 7pm to 8pm)

The Club offers evening runs at several locations, alternating weekly, and changing for summer or winter programmes.

All abilities can come along and take part. Sessions include road, trail, track and hill runs. This variety ensures that running remains accessible and interesting for everyone.

Saturday mornings (from 9am on, depending on distance)

The Saturday morning run is an enjoyable countryside run, using a variety of routes around Fittleworth and on the Downs.

All abilities can come along and take part. There are normally a couple of distance options ranging from 5 to 10 miles. We run in groups of similar ability, with a leader so no-one gets lost.

Under 18s

Main membership is limited to those over 18 years of age, but partners and children of members are welcome to join either to take part in social events or to compete in West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL) races.

Group running is only available to the over 18s, but junior family members can compete in WSFRL races provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.