Naked Run Results

Well over 20 runners took part in today’s Mel’s Milers 10k. Results can be found here:

Many congratulations to first Flyer home, Liam Briscoe, who ‘jogged’ round in 40:15 during his taper for the Brighton Marathon in a fortnight’s time. A special mention too to Miriam Valencia who was third female home in the race in 43:04.

22 of the Flyers took part in our ‘naked run’ competition, running without a watch and seeing how close they could finish to their pre-race predicted time. The provisional results are below. They are provisional because I’m not sure I captured everyone who gave me a predicted time when we were all together at Race HQ, and a couple of you ran with numbers you’d been given by other Flyers and I’m not certain I’ve matched everyone to their number. If your name isn’t below and you had given me a prediction, or if your time difference doesn’t seem to square with your prediction and finishing time, please do drop me an email with the details – and apologies if I’ve missed you out or got your times wrong.

So, in order of closeness to predicted time, these are the results (the difference measured in seconds). You’ll see the winner, Martyn Greaves, ran to within one second of his prediction! Congratulations to him, and an honourable mention to Catherine Hinch who was only a further four seconds out. You might be interested to know that 15 of you ran quicker than your predicted time, and 7 slower. 

Martyn Greaves   1

Catherine Hinch   5

Steve Kavanagh   15

Phil Jones   16

Matthew Anderson   33

Ed Warner   46

Nigel Porter 82

Mandy Turner   108

Miriam Valencia   116

Chris Day   118

Tiffany Proudfoot   118

Nikki Jones   120

John Nicel   123

Linda Tombs   129

Elissa Edwardes   146

Julian Pringle   146

Jackie Merryfield-Day   205

Jane Kluckers   206

Susan Laker   235

Peter Robinson   292

Liam Briscoe   345

Jenny Castle   742

I hope you all enjoyed the experience of running ‘naked’. A box of Celebrations to Liam for being first Flyer and one to Martyn for being the closest to his prediction.

Best wishes,



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