Race Report for the Trundle

Jill and I sat in her car by the side of the road in Lavant, watching the rain, wondering if anyone would turn up.  Giving out the numbers in the rain with a smile, and chunks of cake, trying to be positive, Steve says; “it’s getting brighter over there.”

Amazingly as we walked to the start the rain had stopped, 401 runners set off around the field (James Baker was out of the field before I got near the first corner), heading for the “only one”, hill.   There were a few puddles and it was a bit sticky and slippery along the outward path.  The hill wasn’t too bad considering nearly 400 people had just run/ staggered /walked or climbed it, and most runners made the cut off time*! ? of 37 mins at the car park ( *that’s a first for a league run I think).  I panicked a bit, but just made it with 38 seconds to spare.  The view from the top was as spectacular as ever, and as you know I love the run down the hill.

Rob Dale, our newest recruit led the Flyers home in 47:05 (a great time in those conditions) followed closely by Steve K 47:51, Phil J was next in 50:40, our star Lady Linda T. was close behind in 51:16, (11th lady overall) again scoring maximum points for the club, our guest runner Dawn D, was next (running for Erik) followed by Mark A, Janet S ( who, would you believe, sandwiched this run between an ultra-marathon last Sunday and the Arundel Tri. this Sunday), Ray C, Myself and Jill B. who, not far behind me, was running with a poorly knee.  All ten of us scored points for the club.  Well done to you all.

We found a black umbrella by the car, I will take it to Hove, where hopefully we will have better weather, more runners and a large lemon cake.   Good Running, Best Wishes, John Nicel



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