Dark Star River Marathon

On Sunday 29th January 4 brave lady Flyers (Janet Shepherd, Louise Diez, Lyn Hunt and Tiffany Hicks) took on the Dark Star River Marathon (28.2 miles) – a field of 200 entrants.

The race is an out and back, starting at Shoreham and heading up the east bank of the river Adur past the Dark Star Brewery at Partridge Green and turns around on the Downs Link at West Grinstead.

The midway food station is packed full of lovely goodies including a well needed cup of hot tea. The return is along the river’s west bank back towards Shoreham Airport. The course is mud, mud and more mud apart from the 4-5 miles mid section on the Downs Link. This year we had decent weather going out, in fact the sun came out for a spell but on the return you immediately felt a change in temperature and the strength of the headwind and it rained heavily for the last 90 mins.

Legs were very tired at mile 22, trainers heavy with layer upon layer of mud. With conditions so slippery towards the end it was a long trudge to the finish, however what a feeling of elation at the end – a very blingy medal for all finishers and gladly all our ladies finished safely to a welcoming bowl of hot chille!

Lyn Hunt

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